Anubic Darque Studios

Adult Art Portal


Due to the nature of the adult only artwork, it has been deemed nessasary to protect them from under age eyes.

They may include, but is not limited to: Fantasy sexual situations, Violence, Fantasy non-con, Body modifications, and BDSM (including activities that would be hazardious/lethal in real life situations).

DO NOT attempt any of the activities seen in these artworks.

All characters are virtual and recieve specalist training. Neither Anubis nor Darque will be liable for your own stupidity.


Newest and exclusives are shown on the Anubic Darque Studios Tier of our Patoren,  You also get access to Bloodbound early releases


Most Patreon work after having been exclusive for a while, and older works will feature on the Anubic Darque Studios Tumblr.